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- Complimentary First Design Consultation

- 1 hour Project Assessment

- Design Proposal Review

- Site Measuring + Verification

- Design Concepts (up to 2 design boards)

- CAD drawings

- Project Specification List

- Assistance with Products Purchasing

- Help with City Permits and Inspections

- Project Management 

- Punch List Assistance


If you are tired of boring designs and ready to transform your project into a space of your dreams, then you need to email us! We are here to create something extra special for you - a well planned design concept that will provide you with a positive, practical, and healthy environment. We are here to bring joy in your life and into the lives of all those around you. Our goal is simple - make sure you wake up with a smile on your face and zero regrets for your design investments. We want to make your world more colorful and to introduce you to a powerful combination of color phycology and wise design. Let's leave some design collaboration footprints together, build memories and hopefully some friendships along the way!


"This is the second time that we trusted Tatyana for our design needs. She is a great listener, very professional, and really knows how to create a beautiful space within a variety of budgets. She did an amazing job on our house in San Diego! We recently relocated and bought a house in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were thrilled when Tatyana agreed to work with us remotely! She was very specific with what she needed from us as far as measurements and photos. Most of the time I simply sent her a few short videos of the space on my phone. It was SO EASY. She sent back various options in a user-friendly format along with the links to purchase the furniture. In our new home she designed the living room, kitchen and dining area, master bedroom, along with various lighting around the entire house. Our home looks amazing! I highly recommend Tatyana for all your design needs."

-  Mrs. Tipton, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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